The Full Story


When Olivia was getting married in 2014 she was on the hunt for a dress of course. It involved her mother, one day, 5 shops, and 25 dresses. There had to be a simpler way. Managing to get her dress made to measure was where an idea was formed.

She went back to her formative years where designing and sewing were part of her every day. It took study and time to create that vision of designing and creating affordable, sustainable, and unique wedding dresses for the modern bride. 

Modern Brides are online shoppers, they love the affordability and easy access to what they want when they want it. They like the idea of sustainable fashion when they purchase clothing, so why should shopping for a wedding dress be any different?

The world is turning to online stores more and more for the price, convenience, and guarantees that come with shopping online. Olivia Waters Couture offers those details along with a personalised experience and the knowledge that your fabrics are sourced from sustainable suppliers. 

We've been the Brides, we know the stress. But we also know how to provide a Bride with all the information and reassurance they need, to feel secure in ordering their dream wedding dress. There are now hundreds of Brides shopping online for their wedding dress without trying it on so you are not alone on this journey and we plan to have your expectations exceeded by your dress and the services that we provide. We promise you will not become a meme on Facebook.

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In thinking about our range we have attempted to source the most sustainable fabrics from our suppliers and thankfully they have come up with the goods.

Our range has been created from recycled fabrics, it efficiently conserves natural resources and reduces some of the burdens that the fashion industry has become known for. You can safely know that the dress on your day will not only feel luxurious but also be good for the environment.

We are committed to designing and creating stunning outfits that not only look fabulous, feel luxurious but are sustainably focused at all times.

We have started this way and will continue this way.


Ultimately we aim to be a luxurious online boutique that values the skills, heritage, and art of dressmaking within Australia. 

We want to provide training for the next generation of designers and guide them in a way that will ensure that the industry continues in a way that reduces our overall environmental footprint. 

We will continue to create outfits that people will feel confident and comfortable being themselves in. 

We look forward to getting to know them.